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Personalized Therapeutic Services

My name is Suzanne Philp and I'm a licensed massage therapist.  I have training in a variety of massage modalities and I use a combination to meet your specific needs.  So there's no menu to choose from.  Just tell me about your needs and what benefits you are hoping to gain from massage, and I'll  use the techniques that will best meet your goals. I have received training in the following: 

Swedish Massage                           Deep Tissue Massage Orthopedic Massage         Manual Trigger Point Release Myofascial Release                               Prenatal Massage Muscle Energy Technique          Neuromuscular Therapy Sports Massage                             Stretching Techniques Structural Relief Therapy                     Positional Release

Hot Stone Massage                             Spa Facial Massage

Reiki                        Polarity           Cranial Sacral Therapy

Integrative Thai Yoga Bodywork/Thai Massage

Forearm/elbow massage                   Myofascial Cupping

Lymphatic Balancing               Reflexology Foot Massage

Current certification in CPR/1st Aid



30 minutes for $40

60 minutes for $80

90 minutes for $120

120 minutes for $160

Massage packages available


Veterans, students and seniors 10% discount

Discounts and gift cards cannot be applied to couples massage

Special Add-on Services:


Hot Stone Massage (add $10)

Spa Facial Massage (add $20)-Not currently available

Couples Massage available as well!

(one hour minimum)-Not currently available

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